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EGadgetWeek – About Us – Introductions, Commitments

Egadgetweek introduction

Are you searching for resources for reviews and technology news of electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, gaming devices, headsets, and many more?

About EGW – Electronic Gadget Weekly

Here, at, we want to help you out as our reader to keep on track of these growing technology developments.  Together with our most up-to-date analyses, reports, and online publishings. We want to provide our readers with instant news and information about these growing electronic gadgets and various product subjects. Our editors and staff are always ready to help our readers.

If you are looking for information about any products you want to have, you are in the right place. Whether you want to know about a specific product’s features or you want to make yourself informed about the specific product. We will guide you through the information you need. At EGadgetWeek, we want to present our readers with our latest product reviews. Also with our buying guides and some how-to steps to help your every step.

How do we review and give a rating?

Our staff at will gather all of the information about all the electronic gadget products we are posting. That information is technical specifications from the product page on Amazon, or the manufacturer’s web page, as well as from many online resources. Other than the specs, we will also inform you of the features, and all of the values that you want to know about the product.

We gather all of that information from various resources and we put them in one summary, in our review information. That end information will be based on our research. Our research on real user’s experience and reviews, the product’s features, and popularity. Including the status of the brand, the price and many more variables of the information.  We combine these research with our staff’s opinions and expertise.

We aim to help our readers to be well informed about the electronic products they love.

Our Commitments:

  • We want to provide honest information
  • We are not paid by the manufacturers to write our reviews
If you are the manufacturer of the products we review

If you stumble upon one of our reviews about your product and you see some shortcomings, please contact us via contact page form.

Do you own the products we have reviewed?

Do you want to help other readers who are looking for information about the product they love?  If you personally use the product, you can help them further by reviewing the products in our posts.

Below the posts, we have the rating system that you can use to rate the products. (see screenshot below).

How a user can give a rating

This is how a user can give their ratings, give yours!

Please don’t be hesitated to leave the review if you have some spare time. Our readers and we will really appreciate your valuable reviews.

Lastly, we really hope you found the information you are looking for on our website, we encourage you to also read our other pages, such as Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages.

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