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Who makes BLU Vivo phones? Are BLU Phones Good?

BLU Vivo phones are manufactured by BLU Products.

Who is BLU products?

According to Wikipedia, BLU stands for Bold Like Us. They themselves claim they have been in the mobile industry since 1995. In 2010 they made the decision to release the brand, BLU. They are based in Doral, a town in Miami, Florida, United States

Their headquarter warehouse is reported to be more than 80,000 square feet. They have the commitment to design and manufacture the good and modern looking mobile phone devices, yet reasonably priced. Their focus is to full-fill the demand of daily-use mobile devices.

NDTV reported that the Product devices are designed in the USA, but they are constructed in China.

Check out our price comparison of blu Vivo 5 price and the new Vivo 6 here.

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Samuel Ohev-Zion is the founder of the company. They have been one of the first mobile devices manufacturers which were Latin-owned.

The company initially focused on the production of Latin customers, and it successfully has become the leading mobile phone company in the community.

In 2009, in their first year, they sold 70,000 phone units and sold 4.1 million items in the following year. They also introduce their profile in 2011 at CTIA Wireless.

Around September 2013, in Aruba, Digicel announced Android affordable cellphones sold for about $6 per item for the regional market place. BLU has also become the sponsor of the Valencia CF Spanish Football club’s official shirt.

This company was the one who established the growth of non-contract and pre-paid mobile phone products, enabling the customers to have options to choose their preferred phone network. Initially, this manufacturer presented a variety of unlocked cellphones, for the huge number of dealers, and retailers all over the Caribbean, Latin America, and the US.

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There were many predecessors of BLU Vivo phones, the first products were called advance series, most of them featured a 4.0-inch screen. They also produced Windows phones. In February 2018, they launched Vivo X. The smartphones that feature a 6-inch touchscreen 720p display.

These Vivo phone models have 4GB RAM and are powered by the Octa-Core MediaTek Helio P25 2.6GHz processor. The internal storage is 64GB but expandable to 64GB by using a micro-SD card. These products also have the 13MP and 20MP rear and front camera.

This Vivo X phone is running Android 7.0 and has a non-removable battery. It packs with dual SIM options, as well as built-in Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and GPS.

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Are BLU phones good phones?

From the number of devices they sold, and customer’s respond, yes, they are good.

BLU Products has become a worldwide brand, they have their distribution center in Hong Kong. Their focus was to produce smartphone model designs that are affordable, without having to sacrifice the look and value, mobile phones for everyone. They claim that customers are their top priority.

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